We are a small mail order business based in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, UK.

Our company has been trading since 2005. As individuals we have been retailing online since 2002.

We began our business on where we still maintain a small presence. Our feedback score will give customers an independent and unsolicited indication of the levels of service which we strive to offer.

We operate two further websites, and At time of writing, more are under development.


Richard Cassidy Limited
98 Streetly Lane
Four Oaks
Sutton Coldfield
B74 4TB

Telephone: 0121 339 5060



For reasons known only to themselves, some retailers think it's okay to use my images and text without bothering to ask. It isn't. Just because my images appear elsewhere, it does not mean I have granted permission for their use. In virtually all instances, I have not.

Pictures are not created for free. In many cases, they have taken many hours of my time, my effort and, in the case of glass bottles, considerable expense with equipment purchased specifically for that job. I am a small, independent retailer, I cannot afford to work for nothing.

I retain the original RAW image files to images on my websites and can therefore prove ownership.

I will take appropriate action against companies and individuals who persistently steal my images and original text. Amazon and ebay will take listings down upon my request, resulting in penalties and possible seller account suspension. At the present time, just one sole-trader ebay seller is authorised to use my pictures (she knows who she is). No Amazon sellers have sought permission to use my images.

Richard Cassidy.